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One-Hour Consultations

One-Hour Consultations

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Sometimes all it takes is regular conversations to get you in the right direction. The issues we face in bringing a pup up aren't always easy to overcome, and with full-time training admittedly not being cheap, scheduling these sessions helps with keeping an even keel as you and your pup progress in the self-training journey. 

These sessions are available over phone, video chat, or in-person at the kennels if you prefer to make the drive and speak face-to-face.

*** For those who have just come to Slater Kennels for the first time, welcome! Please feel free to reach out using our contact tab and we will be happy to get in contact with you to chat about the struggles you are having with your dog, free of charge. The appointments above are normally booked later on at regular intervals to provide direction for those clients who prefer to go the self-training route. ***

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