Slater Kennels

We are those who would feel empty heading out to hunt without a dog. We are those who smile uncontrollably as that steady dog completes his task to perfection, launching into the water with vigor yet delivering the bird delicately to hand. And we are those who won't have a drink by the fire without a dog (or three) sleeping on a nearby place.

  • Breeding

    We are producers of fully clear, OFA-tested, non-dilute, and hunt test-titled black and yellow Labrador Retrievers. If you are looking for a puppy from health-tested, field-proven lines, we might just have your next hunting or adventure buddy.

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  • Training

    We are trainers of all retriever breeds as defined by the AKC, with expertise in Labradors and Spaniels. If you’ve always wondered if your dog has what it takes to watch the skies in the bottomland or clean up in the upland, let us create that dog for you.

  • Boarding

    We board dogs from the three primary bird dog families, Pointers, Flushers, and Retrievers. The full breed list is available here along with boarding requirements. All boarded dogs are on the truck just as the dogs in training are; your gundog is never an afterthought.

  • Alpha Dog Nutrition

    For hard-charging bird dogs who need to perform at the highest level, Alpha Dog Nutrition's meal-time supplements are there for them. We use them every day, in and out of season. Use Code SK15 to receive our partnership discount.

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  • TLC Pet Food

    We choose to feed and proudly recommend TLC Pet Food. Based in Canada, TLC is held to higher standards than pet food manufacturers in the states, and it shows in the quality of the product and results in our dogs.

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