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Puppy Deposit

Puppy Deposit

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How It Works 

Our litters are intermittent, occurring only once or twice per year. Thus, with limited puppies, the order in which deposits are received determines the selection order for your new hunting or adventure companion. We just might have your future duck dog or adventure buddy, and we are proud to offer you the most prominent place in their life story.

How Do We Select?

a) Health - genetics and joint conformation

b) Retrieving - natural ability to find game and desire to retrieve

c) Biddability - natural ability to learn

d) Temperament - explosive in the field, calm in the home

What Comes With My Puppy?

The first 49 days of your puppy's life are a crucial period, so to ensure your pup has the best possible start, the following is included over this time:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)
  • Sound stimulation through careful exposure to loud noises
  • Drive development through wing training
  • Grooming/touch desensitization
  • Adult dog & human socialization
  • Vehicle desensitization
  • Clicker introduction and SIT command
  • First round of vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Dew claw removal at client request. After extensive research, our default is keep the dew claw intact as it serves an important purpose, but for those who feel strongly the other way, we can have them removed.
  • AKC limited registration
  • Welcome bag with food and supplement recommendations

Health Testing

All sold puppies come from sires and dams that meet our health criteria:

  • Hips - Certified through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
  • Elbows - Certified through the OFA
  • Heart - Certified through the OFA
  • Eyes - Certified through the OFA
  • Color phenotypes that produce black and yellow puppies only
  • Genetically clear, meaning there is no chance of genetic diseases - We will provide you with a transferable genetic test using Embark for Breeders for your specific puppy to prove a clear genetic profile. We guarantee against genetic conditions for the entire life of the puppy.
  • Dilute coloration - We actively breed against charcoal, silver, and champagne colorations.


Most commonly, pups are picked up in Houston, TX and taken back to their new homes. However, we can meet at the airport of your choosing, IAH or HOU, given that the client has visited the kennel at least once. It is important to us to ensure that each puppy going home has a committed family, and willingness to travel for a member of the family that will be around for 10+ years is a good measure that such a family is likely to be a good fit.


If for any reason you need to return your puppy, we will take it back. No questions asked. If you determine you can no longer care for the dog later on in life, we will also be given first choice to resume ownership as per the puppy purchase agreement.

More Information

Before making a deposit, please review our information and fill out the contact form, and we will schedule a phone call to ensure our puppies are going to a home where we know they will flourish. Full registration (which carries breeding rights) is available, but will require more in-depth conversations about breeding methodology, facilities, etc. and agreement to the breeding contract. We will hold those rights via issuing limited registration until the appropriate tests/titles have been completed, at which time we will release the full registration for the incremental fee.

Puppy deposits are non-refundable as we make breeding decisions based on our deposit list, but should you not be ready when called, you may remain on the list and simply be moved to the end.

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