Tmh Apate's Perseverence JH SHU "Apa"

The Little Fireball

Apa has shown the best of both worlds from her parents. An expert marker and team player, Apa wants to do two things: get the job right and get the bird. Those tend to have some overlap. By this, we mean that Apa responds well to negative pressure, even better to positive, and is just generally very biddable, trying as much as she can to listen to her handler and not guess at how to do the drill.

On her second hunt ever, she chased down a crippled teal well over 150 yards away, thrusting her entire body underwater to grab the struggling bird. She lives for the hunt and is now also transitioning to earning titles in flushing upland game.


  • JH - Junior Hunter
  • SHU - Senior Hunter Upland
  • MHU - Master Hunter Upland (2 of 5 passes complete)

Pedigree & History

Apa is a descendent of Tycho, one of the top Labradors currently playing both the pointing and retrieving games simultaneously, as well as Rex, the founding dog of Slater Kennels. We had the the pleasure of training Apa's dam Case as well, so we have a lot of experience with her bloodline.

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